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Signs of Impending Radiator Repairs

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One of the major consequences of driving your vehicle is that you are constantly exposing the engine to high temperatures. This is why vehicle manufacturers have incorporated cooling mechanisms into the vehicle to prevent any undue damage caused by regular use of the vehicle. However, these cooling mechanisms need regular maintenance just as the rest of your vehicle. Left unchecked, they can develop serious problems that can lead to expensive engine and radiator repairs. Here are some of the signs to look out for that would indicate impending radiator repairs.

The radiator of your vehicles is developing discolouration

If you open your bonnet and discover that there is some discolouration developing on your radiator, you should not ignore it and chalk it down to aging. In these instances, it could mean that one of the hoses that is connected to the vehicle's cooling system has a sprung a leak. As such, fluid is now being squirted onto the hot engine and burnt off. This will manifest as dots of discolouration. Another reason for this is if your radiator itself as sprung a leak undetected and is burning off fluid on its surface. No matter the cause, it is always best to have an auto mechanic diagnose the problem so as to repair the issue before it can cause further damage.

Your vehicle's exhaust pipe is emitting white smoke

Another common mistake that drivers make is assuming that white exhaust fumes is a sign of an aging vehicle and can be ignored if the vehicle is still running. If your vehicle is experiencing a leak of its antifreeze, chances are that this antifreeze will make its way into the moor of the vehicle. Once in the moor, the antifreeze becomes mixed in the vehicle's combustion chamber and is burnt up. The end result of the antifreeze burning are puffs of white smoke being released by the exhaust pipe. If you notice a change in colour in your vehicle's exhaust fumes, always enlist the services of an auto mechanic to ensure that it is not causing you undue radiator problems.

Your vehicle is leaking its coolant        

If you move your car away from its regular parking spot and find a puddle of green fluid beneath it, you are most certainly facing a radiator problem. This green fluid is your vehicle's antifreeze. A leak means that your vehicle's cooling system has been compromised and would have to remedied before important parts of your engine suffer from overheating. If you have children or pets, it is best to clean up this antifreeze since it gives off a sweet scent and could be easily ingested by them.