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How to Make a Caravan a Full-Time Home

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There are several reasons you may consider making your caravan your full-time home. You may want to reduce your bills, or you may have lost an income source that makes your current living situation stressful. The good news is, you can make a go of having your caravan be your full-time home with these quick how-to tips.

Add a Satellite

One difference between most homes and a caravan is the presence of Internet or cable television services. You may not have this already on your caravan due to the caravan being more of a weekend getaway option. If you plan on full-time living in your caravan then you can add a satellite service. This service can give you Internet, cable television, and sometimes phone or radio services depending on the service option you choose. Your local caravan sales and servicing department can help you choose the right package for you as well as install the package you choose.

Find a Caravan Site That Is Open Year Round

One of the dilemmas you may run into with your full-time caravan living plan is where to actually set up the caravan. You may already know there are campsites and caravan sites across the country, but what you may not know is that some of these have limits on how long you can stay or what seasons they are open. Look for a caravan site that allows you to stay year round. Most of the sites will also have shower facilities, wireless Internet service, and other features that can help your full-time caravan lifestyle be a little easier.

Prepare for Every Season

It may seem like common knowledge, but preparing for every season may not sink in until you are laying in bed freezing during the winter. Make sure you have the ability to heat the caravan during the colder months and to remain cool during the hotter months. Some caravans do have heaters built-in, but if yours does not, look for an option that can be charged during the day through a nearby outlet or that can run off solar power that it collects during the day. Also, consider contacting your caravan sales lot for possible upgrades to your caravan insulation or to have the caravan reviewed for all weather living.

If living in your caravan full-time is a true step you want to take, make sure to consult with a caravan sales lot. They have options that you may not think of during your transition to full-time caravan living and they may be able to upgrade your current caravan model to help your transition a bit easier.