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Top 3 feature upgrades your caravan should have

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With a happy family and an active lifestyle, a caravan becomes one of the best investments to make. You could travel the earth and still enjoy a home-like environment. However, simply having a caravan is not enough. Your caravan needs to be well endowed with the best features to bring you an even better home experience. Some of these features would make it a lot easier to manage the caravan and even increase its safety out on the road. So if you're thinking of upgrading your caravan, or you want to purchase one, here are some features to look out for.

Caravan solar system

A good feature to have is a solar panel. Capturing the solar energy can assist you in lifting some weight off your vehicle's battery. The solar system would use solar energy and can run some appliances such as the fridge or fans. However, before you take this path, you need to have a list of the appliances you want to power using the solar panels. That way, you'll be in a better position to shop for the panel with the right size and power that you need. Find out how much current they use and then multiply the value by the hours they'll stay on in a day. Use this value to pick the best solar panel. Ask a professional for help if need be.

Telescoping steering wheel

Not everyone is comfortable with the stock position of a caravan. Some people are taller than others and would find it very uncomfortable driving the vehicle. A telescoping steering wheel assists in creating the best driving position for all members of the family. You could push it further from your body till you find the position you like. Getting a comfortable position behind the wheel reduces your distractions and consequently decreases the likelihood of creating any accidents.

You could also have adjustable pedals. These kinds of pedals can be raised or lifted to suit one's needs. Coupled with telescoping steering wheels, the driver would always be in the most comfortable position.


Another valuable upgrade is an inverter. It's very crucial if you're looking to make your caravan even more home-like. An inverter's job is simple. It converts the 12 DC volts from your solar panels or battery to the 240 volts AC current that's present in homes. You'll therefore run your 240v TV or music system without worrying about sucking up too much juice from your battery. However, have a professional install it for you as inverters can electrocute you just as the mains in your home can.