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Some Major Components Checked as Part of Regular Car Servicing (And Why)

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Scheduled car service is crucial to optimise car performance, longevity, among other benefits. The service duration usually depends on the time or mileage, whichever comes first. In all the servicing procedures, however, trained service professionals include the following in the process. 


Batteries tend to die out when you need them the most, such as when heading out to work in the morning, especially for infrequently used vehicles and old batteries. Frequent checks and servicing are essential to ensure you have power when needed. 

During a regular car service, the trained professional will look into the state of the battery terminals, electrolyte level and battery age. If the electrolyte is low, top up with distilled water – ensure you do not overfill.


Tyres are a major consideration during car service. The state of the tyres greatly impacts your safety on the road, as well as other factors such as fuel consumption and impact on other parts such as the rims and suspension. Fortunately, tyres are pretty easy to examine for problems. Visible signs of wear such as balding, and also a tendency of the car to pull to one side when driving for example.

A well-trained car service specialist should be able to inspect for common tyre issues, advice the driver on causes and avoidance, as well as recommend or fit a new set, wheel alignment, balancing or rotation. 

Motor Fluids

Fluids play a major part in the performance and safety of the car. Common fluids include engine oil, transmission oil, cleaning agents, electrolytes, power steering and coolants. Insufficient amounts, the excess amount, dirty or lack of these fluids results to many problems including depreciating states of car parts, overheating or even engine lock-down.

The choice of fluid depends on the purpose and car model, amongst others. For the procedure, the trained car service professionals will often check the level and state of the fluids, specifically the presence of residue and sediments in the fluids. This determines the next action, whether complete replacement or a simple top-up.


Filters need thorough checking, especially for the engine oil. Dirty or clogged filters results pollutes the fluid or causes insufficient delivery. Ensure the filters used are the right size and fit. Check the part number and specification of the replacements and the car manual.

Though sometimes overlooked, aside from the above-mentioned essential checklist for car service, thorough car cleaning is important. Built-up grime and dirt, other than the unappealing look, can reduce your cars lifetime, especially the paint job and interior. Also, dirty interior tends to attract pests and vermin such as cockroaches. Exercise best car care practice by cleaning the car often. Aside from light to medium car cleaning, car service experts should offer scheduled heavy-duty pressure cleaning.

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