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Why 4WD Servicing Is More Frequent Than a 2WD Service

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If you love driving cross-country, camping or bundu bashing with your friends, you probably have a four-wheel-drive vehicle. When it comes to navigating through rough terrain and feeling comfortable driving around despite the weather, 4WD cars are the unbeatable beasts of the road. However, while buying a four-wheel drive for your leisure needs is a smart choice, these cars do need special care and maintenance to stay on the road. 4WD vehicles are the most stable on rough terrain because they are incredibly heavy. And while this weight is great for stability, it does take a toll on the overall functioning of the vehicle. Therefore, if you are a new owner of this type of vehicle, here are two main reasons why you will need servicing more frequently than if you owned a 2WD car. 

4WD service for the replacement of fluid

As aforementioned, 4WD cars tend to be quite heavy. While this is great when smooth navigation irrespective of the type of road, the weight of the car puts pressure on the vehicle's transfer case. Take note that this component is only featured in 4WD vehicles rather than their 2WD counterparts. Over time, the fluid that lubricates the transfer case diminishes. While the rate at which this happens is heavily dependent on how often you drive your vehicle, it is in your best interests to be conscious of how frequently you need to have the fluid changed or you risk the transfer case malfunctioning. Consult with your mechanic and they will advise you on how often these fluid changes need to happen.

4WD service for tyre replacement

Another component that is bound to take the brunt of all-terrain driving is your tyres. For your 4WD to drive smoothly, all the treads on all the tyres need to be at equal depth. Some motorists take this for granted, thinking that all they need to do is to rotate the worn tyres. This does not work for a 4WD vehicle because the weight of the vehicle on uneven tyres leads to excessive pressure on the drive train system. Resultantly, not only will you require tyre replacement but you will also need drive train repairs. Taking your 4WD for regular servicing allows your mechanic to catch this uneven wear in good time and replace all your tyres. This may sound expensive but it is for your best interests in the long run.

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