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Auto Repairs To Expect From Panel Beaters After You Have Been In A Minor Collision

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When you think of panel beating services, you likely envision the professionals solely focusing on the body of your car after it has been involved in a major accident. Granted, panel beating does entail the preservation of your vehicle's original appearance, you should know that this is not merely at a superficial level. Instead, while the panel beaters get on with eliminating the cosmetic blemishes that your car has acquired, they will also take steps to ensure that its structural integrity is restored so that your car is deemed roadworthy once again. If this is your first time getting involved in a fender bender, you may not know what services will be provided to you when you enlist professional repairs. To help you have an understanding about what goes into panel beating, below is a summary on the two main auto repairs that carried out after you have been involved in a minor collision.

Repairing of the frame

Irrespective of how minor this the fender bender you were involved in was, you should keep in mind that any force exerted onto your vehicle will travel across its entire structure. The frame is particularly at risk since this component is tasked with stabilising the various auto parts that your car comprises. From the transmission system to the engine, all these systems rest on the frame, so it needs to be in optimum condition if your car is to remain functional. Hence, the first thing the panel beaters will do is investigate its state to determine how much of an impact the collision had. If a few sections of the frame are bent, the integrity of this structure can be restored via laser straightening. But if the panel beaters find breaks in the frame, you may have to pay for its replacement.

Repairing of the body

Most motorists are familiar with the term auto body repair, but not many know what precisely goes into this process. To start with, the restoration professionals will inspect the various panels that make up the body of your vehicle for signs of dents. These panels include the bonnet, the boot, the doors and so on. If the dings are minor, the panel beaters can smooth the dented spots back into place with specialised tools. However, in some cases, depending on the severity, the entire panel may need replacing for a seamless appearance. It is worth noting that if conspicuous scratches accompany the dents, the panel beaters may have to engage in paintless dent repair. PDR refers to repairing both the dents and scratches without having to repaint the vehicle. While it offers the benefit of maintaining the vehicle's original colour, it can be an arduous and cost-intensive technique.

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