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Vital Inspections Your Mechanic Should Carry Out Before Your Head Out On a Road Trip

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If you love the open road, you could be gearing up for an epic road trip with friends and family as a way to switch off from the hustle and bustle of city life. To begin with, this adventure brings about the chance to bond with your loved ones without modern-day distractions from TV, the internet and so on. Moreover, a road trip presents the opportunity to acquaint yourself with parts of Australia that you may have never encountered before!

Nonetheless, the key to a seamless trip is to ensure that your car is in top-notch condition. This piece outlines a few of the vital inspections that a mechanic should carry out before you head out on a road trip.

The exhaust system

Not many motorists pay close attention to their exhaust system unless is it showing signs of trouble. Symptoms such as an excessive amount of smoke, strange noises and more may prompt you to see a mechanic, but simply because it has not developed these issues yet does not mean that you should overlook having this system checked before you head out on your road trip! If the exhaust system is in jeopardy, it leads to several complications that will interfere with your journey.

Some of the problems that you could experience include decreased vehicle performance, diminished fuel economy and even contaminated air quality, as toxic gases make their way into the cabin of your vehicle! A mechanic will investigate the exhaust pipe, exhaust manifold, catalytic converter and other parts that make up this system to ensure there are no underlying issues that could become aggravated on your road trip.

The tyres

Undoubtedly, one of the leading hiccups that motorists face on a road trip is a flat tyre or a tyre burst. Contrary to popular belief, these issues do not come about spontaneously. If one or more of your tyres are already in decline when you set out on the road trip, the long distance, coupled with the heat produced by the friction on the road, will cause the affected tyre to succumb to damage. To ensure that you are not at risk of any disasters on the road, you must have a mechanic inspect your tyres and the spare in your boot!

For starters, the mechanic will investigate the pressure in all the tyres and make sure that they are neither overinflated nor underinflated, as both conditions could result in issues ranging from overheating to blowouts. Secondly, the mechanic will assess the tread and wear of the tyres. If the tread is minimal, tyre replacement is mandatory since your car will not have any traction on the road. Your mechanic may also recommend wheel alignment before your road trip.

Other vital inspections your mechanic will carry out before your road trip include investigating the power steering, the suspension and brake system.