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3 Reasons to Stick to Your Logbook Servicing Schedule

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Your car's logbook sets a servicing schedule. It tells you when you should have a range of checks done on the vehicle. While you might be tempted to skip these services if your car is running well, you should follow this guidance and have your car serviced to schedule. Why?

1. Keep Your Warranty Valid

Some people skip scheduled logbook services when a car is under warranty. They assume that the manufacturer will fix any defects or problems because the vehicle still has its original guarantee.

However, if you read the small print, you'll usually find that your manufacturer ties your warranty into your logbook servicing. You're supposed to have these services to keep your warranty going.

If you skip a service, and your car develops a problem in a related area, then you might have inadvertently voided your guarantee. Your manufacturer might not fix the problem if you haven't held up your end of the bargain.

If you have all your services at the right times, then you shouldn't have this problem. Your manufacturer should then sort the problem out for you.

2. Avoid Major Repair Costs

Logbook services check that your car is running as it should. You should have these checks done after you've owned the vehicle for a set time or after it reaches a set mileage. These checks give you useful maintenance benefits. They assess core systems and areas. They can spot faults and potential problems early.

If you can spot a problem with a vehicle at an early stage, then you usually get an easier and cheaper fix. This is particularly important if your warranty is close to finishing. If you skip service and miss a fault, then the problem could get a lot worse. It could take longer to repair and cost more.

3. Make Your Car More Attractive to Buyers

If you decide to sell your car early, then an active warranty is a plus point to buyers. You can transfer this warranty to the new owner. They get peace of mind that they have some protection.

However, a savvy buyer will know that a warranty goes hand in hand with regular logbook services. They know that the car is likely to be in better nick if you have all your service stamps in the book. This could turn a prospective sale into a done deal. If you've skipped some services, buyers might back out of the purchase.

To find out more about what you need to do, contact local logbook servicing centres.