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Are You a Careful Vehicle Owner? Prove It With the Data

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Some car owners tend to baulk at those service requirements, as laid down by the vehicle manufacturer. They may wonder if it is really necessary to take their car or truck in as often as specified and to perform the list of tasks mentioned in the owner's manual. Yet whether these companies are being too careful or not, those service visits carry additional weight when it is time to pass their vehicle on to somebody else. So, if you're getting close to another service milestone, why do you need to bite the bullet and visit your mechanic?

Changing Times

For decades now, car companies have included a log book with each new vehicle that they sell. Often this is part of the owner's manual, but it details the recommended service visits, and a mechanic is supposed to fill in the relevant information once they have carried out the requisite work. However, technology has begun to take over in recent years, and an electronic version may now replace the "book". In fact, some companies embed this information within the vehicle's own software. In this case, you can simply turn on the ignition, and the full service history will display on the dashboard. Perhaps this is a better approach, as it means that a prospective new owner can still do their research should the actual logbook be missing.

Value Proposition

It's difficult to say whether a vehicle loses a lot of money if service history is unavailable, but it only seems logical. After all, if the outgoing owner was very careful to look after the vehicle, they would certainly ensure that they kept the logbook service history. After all, this should be the first thing to show to a prospective buyer as proof that the car was cared for carefully.

Even More Reason

Regular servicing should not only be about future value, of course, but also about reliability and ongoing maintenance costs. After all, when a car or truck has been serviced according to the manufacturer's recommendations, it may be less likely to break down without warning. This should help the owner avoid disruption and unwanted expenditure.

Your Best Approach

Make sure that you look after your logbook and know where it is at all times. Even more importantly, get your local mechanic to perform the logbook service as and when needed and carefully fill in the information on the dotted line. If you have a vehicle that stores this information in its memory bank, even better.

Get in touch with an auto shop to learn more about logbook services.