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What Do You Need to Know About an Upcoming Logbook Service?

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If you own a car in Australia, you're likely familiar with the term "logbook service". But what exactly is a logbook service, and why is it important? What parts are checked during the process, and why should you never miss one of these appointments? 

What is a Logbook Service?

A logbook service is an important step in maintaining your vehicle. It's basically an extensive check-up of your car that needs to be done periodically. Different manufacturers have their own approach, but these appointments are typically recommended when your vehicle reaches a certain age or covers a certain distance.

What Parts Do They Check This Type of Service?

Log book services check all areas of your vehicle that need regular maintenance. This includes the brakes, oil levels, filters, lights, battery levels, fluids (coolant and brake fluid), tyre pressures and more. The mechanic performing the log book service will also visually inspect the car for any signs of wear and tear or damage that may need to be addressed. Once all checks have been completed, they will enter the details into your car's digital log book, which helps track its overall performance over time.

Why Is It Important?

Regular log book services are essential for ensuring your vehicle remains safe and reliable on the roads. Through regular check-ups on a fixed schedule – as the manufacturer prescribers – you can catch issues before they become major problems down the road. Regularly scheduled maintenance will also help improve the overall efficiency of your car and can even extend its lifespan considerably. Investing in regular maintenance now could save you costly repairs in the future.

There is an additional reason why you should never miss a logbook service. When it's time to sell the vehicle in the future, a prospective buyer will do their research. They'll want to look at your logbook to see if you serviced the vehicle per the manufacturer's recommendation. If there are any "gaps," they may not be too keen to buy or may want you to sharpen the price. After all, they may think that you were carefree as an owner and may not have looked after the car as well as you could have.

Keep Your Appointment

So, it's always good practice to keep your appointment whenever you have a logbook service recommendation. Always take the vehicle to a skilled mechanic so they can perform the work and get you on your way.