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Common Reasons Why You May Need a Car Air Conditioning Service

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Considering that many motorists rarely think of their car's air conditioning until something goes wrong, you likely have neglected this system until the ambient temperatures have started rising. And while, at the surface, a malfunctioning AC system may seem like a mere annoyance, the reality is the ramifications of overlooking any potential issues will go far beyond your convenience. To ensure that you are not underrating the cause of AC malfunctioning, check out the following common reasons why you may need a car air conditioning service.

The auto air conditioning is not releasing any air

If your car air conditioning system cannot provide any degree of relief from the sweltering heat, you could automatically assume that it has malfunctioned in its entirety, but this is not always the case. Most commonly, it could be indicative of poor airflow stemming from a blockage in the vents. These clogs could be due to mould breeding in the system. In other cases, the ventilation fan may have acquired damage causing it to malfunction, and this takes away its ability to direct cool air from the AC. You should also note that if the system is not blowing out any cool air, it could be due to diminished refrigerant. A car air conditioning service will determine the underlying cause and fix the issue for you.

The auto air conditioning is making strange noises

Any weird sounds coming from your vehicle can be detrimental to your concentration on the roads. Thus, when you begin to hear suspicious sounds emanating from the air conditioning system, you should seek a car air conditioning service urgently. If you hear something is banging against the internal components of the AC system, it could mean that the condenser or the fan belt has broken off. Rattling noises, on the other hand, usually indicate that debris caught inside the system and is impeding the functioning of the fan. Even if you are still getting some relief from the AC, you must seek professional assistance to prevent further damage to the internal components of this system.

The auto air conditioning is emitting noxious odours

If you have not utilised your car's AC in a while, it will smell a tad off the moment you put it on However, this is smell should not only be slightly off-putting, but it should only last for the short-term. When your sense of smell starts being assaulted by distinctly noxious odours, this should alert you to something being seriously off with the system. A strong musty smell is indicative of a mould infestation inside the system, which would necessitate immediate thorough cleaning by your mechanic. Alternatively, an acrid, burning smell is an ominous sign of an electric fire, which can cause irreparable damage to the system.