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How to Ensure That Your Trailer Lighting System Remains in Compliance

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If you tow your boat or car in all weather and during all seasons, you will want to be sure that it can be seen at all times. This means that you need to pay particular attention to your lighting system, get it tested frequently and perform regular maintenance as well. But if you are new to this type of activity, where do you start?

Safe on the Road

If you are to remain legal, your trailer has to be equipped with red brake lights that are fully functioning. You'll also need indicator lights to make sure that people know where you are going, even if they cannot see the towing vehicle in front. Don't forget, you have to illuminate your number plate, so you can easily be identified by authorities.

Staying in Compliance

Of course, the size of your trailer may dictate the type, style or configuration of your lighting system. If in doubt, check with your supplier or service centre to see if your trailer is properly equipped and set up.

Initial Testing 

You may find it handy to get a specific trailer light tester. These gadgets will allow you to test if your lights are working with a simple one-touch or sequence check. If you don't know where to find one, ask your trailer servicing specialist.

Avoiding Issues

Problems typically arise when bulbs blow or the wiring is compromised through general wear and tear. Periodically, you should trace the wiring from the trailer tow ball all the way to the rear of the device. Check to see if the insulation is still in good condition and upgrade or replace it as necessary. Look at the lamp sockets to search for signs of any corrosion and clean that off if you find it. Also, ensure that the boxes that hold the lamp mechanisms are waterproof. Wipe everything down and reattach your connections securely before applying further waterproofing material.

Towing Vehicle Connections

Finally, don't forget to check the wiring connections at the rear of your towing vehicle. After all, you will hardly be able to illuminate your trailer if your trailer is not supplying the correct amount of power.

Expert Help

If you are very busy or would rather hand this work over to a professional, get in touch with a trailer servicing specialist. They'll have all the tools on hand and know how to perform the relevant checks in short order.

For more information, contact a trailer supplier near you.